Professional Development for your school, team or district is often time-limited and budget-sensitive.  Typical consultants are hired for a "one-and-done" experience and schools are left to follow through.  Little support, big costs and in the end…the needle doesn't move too far.


That's why we've developed our Virtual Integrated Toolkits for STEAM and Arts Integration.  Our sought-after consultants travel all around the country delivering this kind of high-quality training. Now, we're offering you the ability to purchase two of our most popular sessions which you can share with your team, school or district ON-DEMAND. No more travel costs.  No more arranging schedules.  These toolkits provide you with everything you need to facilitate professional development in STEAM and integrating the Arts with Common Core.   


Both of our virtual toolkits provide you with a video series, facilitator guides and start-up resources so that you can deliver valuable professional development in some of the most innovative approaches whenever it's convenient for you.